Saturday, 19 November 2011

new thoughts and ideas

Been busy recently working on shop windows doing VM. Now I think its about time I got back to my primary ambition of being an illustrator. I've started doing some work for a friend, on a film he wants to make, he's asked me to help with the concept artwork which am really excited about. I've been researching a lot and now its time to put pen to paper. Its something I'm really interested in doing art work for films and computer games.
I am also doing work to get back into drawing, easing myself back into my styles and thinking of ideas as I would really like to do an exhibition sometime next year. I find if I'm worried about things that playing the guitar or drawing seems to have a medative focus for me.
I'm just enjoying being really creative at the moment.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chine -Free Range Exhibition at Brick Lane

I'm showing my work in London on Brick Lane!, at the Free Range exhibition. We've been putting up the boards and painting, getting the space ready for the private view on Thursday. I'm showing three pieces in the exhibition and i am creating pieces for a catalogue publication which will be created each day relating to the exhibition experience.

i've recently graduated from The Arts University College Bournemouth studying illustration. We had a our graduation show last week, which went well. I have learnt from the experience how to plan an exhibition, and putting things up for a show.
I have learnt the importance of being organised and having a schedule to keep things moving in order to get to an achieveable outcome.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


Finally, after a long time learning the basics of photoshop and flash, i have now put together a working website:
I'm so pleased to be up and running, it feels like a big leap, but a leap into the future :)